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🔲 Awesome Digital clock: Decorate your clock with beautiful themes designed especially for you.
🔲 Customizable wallpaper: Prettify your clock with the in-app wallpapers or the wonderful picture from your Gallery.
🔲 Smart Control Center: Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Ringer/volume/sound control, Orientation lock, and mobile data control are just a tap away.
🔲 Alarm Clock: Set as many alarms you need — and never oversleep or miss an important event.
🔲 Nightstand mode: Swipe your finger down on screen to get into night mode and see the time while your Android is charging.
🔲 One touch Flashlight. 
🔲 Important apps shortcuts: Camera, Phone dialer, All available messaging apps and Google Assistance, if available, are accessible with single tap.
🔲 Battery Status: Current battery percentage and charging status